How To Buy?
You can buy all lamps and bulbs product via our website (See How to order) Or you can contact us via Line Application to place order with our staff. Or better yet come and pick up your selected lamp at our store near your home ( Find store near your home Contact us ). As for the electrical equipment product you will need to contact our store only or call our hot-line 02-892-4482
What To Do If My Product Is Broken ?
Please rest assure that our product comes with 1 year warranty. In the case of broken product either from transportation or product defect we are more than happy to replace a new one to you. All you need is the bill of payment that proof you buy product from us and the broken product send back to us and we will replace you with the new one as soon as possible.
**Please make sure you check and return the broken product within 7 days after you get the product in the case of broken from transportation**
Is There More Discount If I Buy Alot More?
Ofcourse there are more discount for the lamp products if you buy more. Please check whether any promotion are running during your purchase or ask our staff via Line application.



What Should I Do If I Want To Be Dealer Of Your Product?


Please contact us in order to proceed with the Dealership of our brands. We are looking forward to grow together.


Are There More Products Apart From The One On the Website?

Ofcourse we do have alot more product than the one listed on the website. Please visit our stores for more choice. We also have special order which can be place for customer that need to custom made their own lamp as well. 

Does The Product Come With Warranty?

YES ! Our lamps come with 5 years warranty for interior lamps , 1 year for outdoor lamps and 1 year for LED light bulbs .


Can I Pay With Credit Cards?

Yes you can ! You can pay with credit card from our website or you can choose to pay at the store as well. After you select and check out on the website. Please select PAYPAL first and then you will be able to use your credit card to pay for the goods. 

If The Part Is Missing What Should I Do?

Normally we checked the product first before deliver to you , but ofcourse sometimes mistake might happen. Or sometimes it goes wrong during transportation. But Don't you worry, Prowork has warranty policy that covers your product 100% so you can ask for the missing part and we will send them to you as we are professional in what we do. But ofcourse it make takes 2-3 days to get the missing part if requested as delivery might take some time.


You Can Buy Our Product Through Our Website Or Through Line Application Or Visit Our Closest Store  LINE ID: @Prowork

TEL : 093-581-5828    l  Bangkok , Thailand


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