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There are countless ways to decorate your home, but to make it stand out is no easy task. First off, you need to decide which style you like your home to be (ofcourse each person is unique , you need to figure this out as your first step) for example Modern style , Loft , Contemporary or luxury style. Then you decorate your home by selecting those furniture that suit your chosen styles to make it looks great as a whole.

As you might already know that any style can make your home looks absolutely beautiful and the better the furniture and materials used the better your home atmosphere will be. But ! the catch is , it comes with a price ! So today we will share with you 5 secret techniques that are actually being used countless times by leading interior designers and architecture to make your home look way much better using minimal budget.




The usage of lighting fixture as a master piece to decorate your home is a very easy way to make your home looks full and beautiful. As the example above by using a larger chandelier ( doesn't have to be a classic candle type one , but what we meant is using a bigger lamp fixture that suit your style to fill up the space, in this case we use the modern luxury chandelier). As you can see, your home could look a lot better as the chandelier fill up the space nicely and make the over all look of your room great. Using master piece chandelier is alot cheaper than finding other material to decorate on the surface of wall and ceiling to make the room looks better, After all you already need lights in your room , so we just put chandelier in instead. Another benefit is that the chandelier also save up your ground space so there are more room for walk way than using other furniture to decorate the room. This is one of the most effective way where leading interior designer use when designing the room.

Click below to see chandeliers that interior designer recommended.



Yes ! Apparently when it come to the size of furnitures it all matters. Especially for lamps and lighting fixture over the table. It can make your room looks absolutely perfect or absolutely weird. Many people didn't choose the correct sizing of the lamp to match their table and as a result it makes your room looks unbalance and weird. So what is the secret to choosing the lamp size? Interior designer recommend usually choosing Lighting fixture that is shorter than the length of the table. For example if the Table is 120cm , then the lamp should be 50 - 80cm in diameter , or using 3 smaller lamps installing over the table in straight line would also make the table space and the room stands out greatly. Extra tip for you , never ever use 2 or 4 lamps. They never look great. Always stick to the 1 3 or 5 lamps if you decided to go with the small ones.


The color of your light also play a vital role in creating room atmosphere. Choosing the wrong color can make your room looks uncomfortable instead of cozy. So what is the secret to choosing the light color? Top Interior designer recommend the use of "Warmwhite color" at 3000K color temperature is best to create a cozy and welcome atmosphere which is good for your home or hotel where you need people to feel relax in your space. Beware of the " Warmwhite 2500-2700K" As it usually give out too orange color and could easily make many people feel uncomfortable ( This is what separate a Pro from Rookie ). As for working space and the place you need to use your eyes alot either for reading or other activities. It is recommended to use Daylight Color at 6000K or 6500K . This will give out a white color and bright , your eyes could use this light for easier reading and working as a whole. So Keep in mind, cozy = warmwhite , working or bright = daylight.




The new designers are now playing with pendant lamp and make it into a bedside lamp. This new technique impose by designer has 2 main function. 1) It save space on your bedside table , so that you can put more things on it ( These days you have phone , iPad , Remote Control , Charger and many many more ! ) 2) It looks very nice !

The secret of using pendant lamp as a bedside table is to use a small pendant lamp size smaller than 35cm in diameter would look just great. (unless you really have a big bed and bedside table then you can have larger lamp)


Another great technique to decorate your home is the use of LED Strip Lights. This is a MUST HAVE item to decorate your home according to interior designer these days. We can use the LED strip lights to highlight the furniture and the steps, stairs , below the bed and everywhere else you want to play with it. LED Strip lights just make your room and furniture looks stunning and very stylish. It is consider to be the new era of lighting. As you can see it makes the room looks alot better and very stylish as well. It really help make the furniture piece stands out and alot more beautiful. As for the color , it is best to use warmwhite at 3000k to make the room looks cozy and warm , or you can use 4000K Cool white . Another secret is that you need to use 24V type LED Strip light, to be specific use " Tron 6 , Tron 11 or Tron 22 LED strip lights as recommended by interior designers. Why we need 24V instead of 12V or 220V? Because the more stable and more even light output emitting from the strip throughout the used length performs better than using the 12V and alot more safe to use than 220V (you might get electric shock if there is electricity leak for 220V ) . And also you should use dimmable LED Strip lights so that you can adjust the brightness to suit your room.

Click below to see the recommended Lighting by Interior Designers.

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