ABS another proud brand from Prowork Retail

       Apart from various lamp collections that we have to offer , we do also have electrical equipment product for your lighting solution as well. ABS is the brand that stands for Aspiring Best Standard. The name speaks for itself. The main products are Consumer unit and breakers which is being used to protect you from over current situation which is a cost for fire. Also with the new ABS RCBO it helps to protect you and yours family life from electrocute. This device will help cut the power if it find any leakage over the standard limit. Our MCB and RCBO works with AC 220V;50Hz and made from premium plastic which is non-inflammable.

       Every pieces pass our QC and also pass the European CE and IEC 60898 standards. And our special ABS RCBO also pass TISI.909-2548 standards as well , so you can feel confident with every piece of our products.

     The Main Circuit breaker and Miniature circuit breakers come with different sizes and standard value . With the Beautiful designs combining with high quality standard, theres no doubt that ABS breakers are one of the top pick consumer unit in Thailand. And Yes the product comes with 5 years warranty as well.

You Can Buy Our Product Through Our Website Or Through Line Application Or Visit Our Closest Store  LINE ID: @Prowork

TEL : 093-581-5828    l  Bangkok , Thailand


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